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Estate Administration

Dealing with the financial affairs of someone who has died can be upsetting for family members at such a difficult time. As professionals, we can deal with all aspects of administering a deceased person’s estates including:

  • Liaising with all interested parties such as banks, life assurance companies, building societies, utility companies or private individuals with a view ensuring all monies due to the estate are collected in a timely manner and that all debts are paid prior to distribution

  • Contacting the DWP with regards to benefit over and under payments

  • Filing tax returns with the Inland Revenue

  • Preparation of estate accounts to show all monies collected and paid out of the estate

  • Distribution of estates under the rules of intestacy, or according to the deceased’s wishes where a will has been left

How do we charge?


Our fees reflect the work undertaken on a case by case basis, as some estates are more complex than others. However our fees are significantly less than those charged by most solicitors and banks.

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