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Lasting Power of Attorney

Who needs a Lasting Power of Attorney?

In the event of you becoming either mentally or physically incapable of managing your own affairs, you can appoint one or more people (usually family members) to be an Attorney to take care of your affairs on your behalf.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can either be in respect of property and financial affairs or health and welfare.

What are the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney?

  1. It puts you in control

  2. You can plan ahead

  3. You can decide how much authority you give to the Attorney

  4. You can decide whether to impose any restrictions on the Attorney

  5. You will have the reassurance that someone you trust will make decisions for your benefit

  6. It will reduce future problems and expense if a Deputy has to be appointed

  7. It can prompt discussions with your family about your future wishes


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