Will Writing

If someone dies without leaving a Will, then their estate must be dealt with under the rules of Intestacy, meaning you have no choice over who benefits from your estate.

Leaving a Last Will and Testament offers the following advantages:
1. Certainty of having your affairs in order
2. Choice of:
     a) who is to benefit
     b) to what degree
3. Choice of Executors
4. Ability to give pecuniary legacies (i.e. gifts of money)
5. Ability to give specific legacies (gifts of e.g. jewellery, items of furniture)
6. Power to appoint guardian/s for under age children
7. Possibility of reducing tax liability by proper arrangement of affairs
8. Permits flexibility rather than the strict following of rules laid down by the law the results of which may make life very difficult for a surviving spouse with the present high value of the 'matrimonial home'

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