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"Bridging generations with foresight and care"

Strategic estate planning is critical for all individuals irrespective of age

Estate Planning

We are Probate Administrators who specialise
in administering estates either intestate (where no Will is left)
or testate (where there is a Will).

On occasion we need to work with our panel of experts on special cases.
Our experts include:


Who do the conveyancing where there is a property to sell and deal with contentious probate issues

Chartered Accountants

Who advise on Inheritance Tax issues on estates worth over £325,000

Probate Researchers

Who search for missing beneficiaries or lost family members


Where we need to take out insurance policies such as Missing Beneficiary Indemnity or house insurance policies during the administration period

Indemnity Insurance

Our business is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance provided by Barbican Syndicate 1995 at Lloyds 100%

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