Estate Administration

Dealing with the financial affairs of a loved one who has died can prove difficult and upsetting.

Whether there is a Will in existence or not, our Estate Administration experts make it easier to allocate their assets to the rightful next of kin.

In cases where a Will has not been left or an executor has not been appointed, we help beneficiaries apply to the Court and ensure Intestate law is adhered to correctly. If required, we can locate missing ancestors and beneficiaries.

For estates which require Probate, we apply for a ‘Grant of Probate’ and ensure all the deceased’s money, property and possessions are distributed according to their final wishes.

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Any estate, any complexity

Enlist the expertise of our Estate Administration team and you’ll receive expert advice about any complexities which arise during the distribution of an estate.

We liaise with all interested parties – banks, insurers, building societies, utility companies & private individuals – to ensure all monies owed are collected in a timely manner. We also make sure all debts are paid prior to estate distribution.

No matter what assets an estate contains or how complex it may be, you can trust our experienced specialists to provide the most appropriate solution.

Why choose us?

  • Deal with Intestate law where no Will is left
  • Administer estates with a Will (testate law)
  • We accurately process forms for inheritance tax purposes
  • Support & advise executors or administrators
  • We support Executors, Administrators or Next of Kin
  • Sensitively handle every aspect
  • We ensure client confidentiality & follow GDPR regulations
  • Contacting the DWP about benefit payments (over & under)
  • Prepare accounts to show money collected & paid out